All Change!

Jul 10, 2020

My site has had a major refresh and it is time to start talking about words again.

However, we find ourselves in different times now, and there is a whole raft of new words that have come about since this coronavirus reared its ugly head. We are all sick to the back teeth with Covid-19, and we are probably all familiar with these phrases by now: Social distancing, quarantine, shielding, self-isolation, pandemic, flattening the curve, the R rate, herd immunity, contact tracing, Barnard Castle… I could go on.

But here are some new sounds you may not have heard of:

Anosmia is a loss of the sense of smell, which can be one of the early signs of a mild to moderate case of the virus.

COVID toes is when red or purple bumps may appear on the toes of a person who has Covid-19. The bumps can also appear on the hands.

Fomite is an inanimate object (such as a doorknob) that may be contaminated with infectious organisms and therefore might help to spread the virus.

Infodemic is a case of too much information – where some is accurate and some is not. This can make it hard for people to find reliable guidance.

Zoonotic is a disease that can be traced back to animals. Covid-19 is thought to have originated in bats and spread through other species before it made the leap to humans.

*And, on a slightly lighter note, I’m sure we’ve all heard about covidiots (which also appears in Spanish: covidiota). For example, people who drive from Nottingham to London during early lockdown, because ‘bread is cheaper there’. And in Australia, it is now common to hear quaz for quarantine, and sanny for sanitiser.

I need a quarantini…


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