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What is the difference between copy-editing and proofreading?

In the publishing process: 

  • Copy-editing is the stage in which grammatical, factual and consistency errors are picked up in the raw copy, and structural or developmental changes can also be made 
  • Proofreading is the final stage before printing, in which errors in the copy or in the formatting of the final piece are corrected on a proof (on paper or PDF) 

If you are not sure which service you require, I am happy to discuss this with you. I can also carry out a free sample edit (1000 words or a short chapter) of your document. 

During a full edit, I will take all the tedious jobs off your hands – including adding/updating the Table of Contents, styling references and formatting the document! 

I usually work in Word with Track Changes, but can also work in InDesign, on PDFs, or on paper using BSI marks for copy preparation and proof correction. 

I charge an hourly rate, and a rush fee for working a weekend at short notice.

Please do not feel nervous about handing your work over to me. I work with you to improve your message, rather than scrawling red pen over everything in sight!